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Pixo2.com is a family of brands in the business of sharing life's joy.  We are proud to offer personalized photo products and services through Pixo2.  We set you up with photo-shoots either at your location or one in our studio.  We then give you a complete free touch up with the photos of your choosing.

Las vegas strip pictures...

All pictures are HDR pictures taken a few weeks ago. Some i added to the Canvas store and always adding more.

Park Pregnancy shoot

I had a great time doing this shoot. It was at a park & we had a few lighting issues but i was able to fix them using 2 flashes. We chose this location because it had a small pond @ nice grassy areas... These are the pictures that we captured.

What the hell is this weird alien looking spiral in the desert?

Like the remains of a long lost human civilization, this formidable structure in the remote plains of El Gouna, Egypt extends over one million square feet in the Sahara Desert. It's so big that you can see it from space—like some sort of stargate ready for an alien invasion.

But, despite its appearances, the structure wasn't built eons ago. Its name is Desert Breath and it was finished in 1997 by the D.A.ST. Arteam, composed by Danae Stratou (installation artist), Alexandra Stratou (industrial designer & architect), Stella Constantinides (architect). In their own words:

Desert Breath expands in an area of 100.000 m2, in the eastern Sahara desert bordering the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt. It is a site-specific work that generated out of our perception of the site itself. Its construction consists of the displacement of 8.000 m3 of sand formed so as to create precise positive and negative conical volumes. The conical volumes form two interlocking spirals that move out from a common centre with a phase difference of 180o degrees in the same direction of rotation. The centre is a 30-metre diameter vessel formed in a W-shaped section and filled with water to its rim.

Located between the sea and a body of mountains at the point where the immensity of the sea meets the immensity of the desert, the work functions on two different levels in terms of viewpoint: from above as a visual image, and from the ground, walking the spiral pathway, a physical experience.

Desert Breath has been slowly disintegrating since the moment they finished it, but it's still visible via Google Maps.

Nokia unveils the one smartphone accessory you’ll actually want to use

We see countless smartphone accessories released every year but how many of them are actually useful? The latest accessory from Nokia seems like it could really come in handy, however, because it will help you keep track of all the things you’re most likely to use. Nokia’s new Treasure Tags are matchbox-sized tags that you can attach to your keys, wallet and other important items to make sure they never get lost.

The Treasure Tags have two key features: The first is the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and NFC and then issue an alarm if you try to leave your house without your tagged items. This means that if you ever bolt outside of your house without your keys or your wallet, your smartphone will remind you to back inside and pick them up.

The second feature is integration with Nokia’s HERE mapping service so you can use your smartphone to track down any items that you’ve lost as long as they’re attached to Treasure Tags.

Nokia is launching the Treasure Tags in April and is selling them for $30 each. The tags will obviously work with all Lumia devices and Nokia says that “there will also be third-party applications for Treasure Tag to support Android and iOS devices.”


If you find a photo in my portfolio that you would like to buy & its not listed for sale on the canvas tab please drop me an email & i will see if i can accommodate your request.