The way photography should be...

We believe in making this experience as easy and painless as possible. Our goal is to give you quality at an affordable price without sacrificing anything. We only book shoots that fit with our brand. After your shoot, it takes 3-6 days to edit & deliver your pictures to you via dropbox. You will have 30 days to access & download all your pictures.

I specialize in all types of photography.  I shoot using three different technics.  First one is called Natural light, this consist of only using the light that is provided by the sun.  The second one is called Flash photography and consist of using studio or outdoor flashes of light to brighten the subject so they can be captured.  The third one is called HDR,  that is the most complicated type of photo that consists of all three images being combined into one.

Depending on what you want we have many different prices to suit your needs. We are committed to staying affordable for our customers & keep our prices as competitive as possible. Please feel free to look through my entire portfolio & prices to see if we can help you capture this moment.